Tree Aid

Helping People to Help Themselves

Tree Aid

30th Sep 2022

COAT has been supporting Tree Aid since 2008 to tackle the effects of poverty and the climate crisis across the drylands of Africa. Tree Aid supports communities to grow trees, re-green the land, increase incomes using non-timber forest products such as nuts and seeds, and contribute to the Great Green Wall movement.

An example of Tree Aid’s work is the Regreening Koulikoro project in southwest Mali. Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world, where most people rely on the land for food and income. In a country which is already two-thirds desert, the effects of the climate crisis are making farming even more unpredictable. By the end of the 3-year project, communities had been supported to:trees in northern ghana

·         Grow over 300,000 trees.

·         Train 2,000 farmers in tree planting & maintenance.

·         Plant 5,000 seedling.

Tree in Mali