Voluntary Service Overseas – VSO

Helping People to Help Themselves

News of three volunteers : Sarika Prathapan from Cambridge, is a neonatal nurse sharing her skills and knowledge with medical students in Mulu Asefa Primary Hospital in Tigray, Ethiopia – caring for premature and sick babies, mothers in labour (often severely malnourished), with little equipment, frequent and long lasting power cuts and terrible roads. http://www.volunteerview.org/sarika Wilma de Jong from the Netherlands, a financial controller in Mtwara, a city on the south east coast of Tanzania where she helps to set up and grow businesses, providing training in basic accounting, loans etc. 

Sadly Wilma tripped and broke her ankle, needing two lots of surgery and so has not been able to work. The good news is that she is doing well and will be back in Tanzania very soon. http://www.volunteerview.org/wilma And then we have Anne Law, a retired head teacher from Kingaussie, Scotland, whose passion is education who is working as a teacher trainer in Dhading, Nepal, on the Sisters for Sisters project, pairing older girls (Big Sisters) who have finished school with younger girls (Little Sisters) who are at risk of leaving school through early marriage, domestic duties, menstrual taboos. http://www.volunteerview.org/anne Geraint Jenkins has been invited to be a judge on the VSO Volunteer Impact Awards panel. These people truly are volunteers, giving up their jobs and salaries here and living just the same as the people they are helping.